Privacy policy

Privacy Policy:

Operating as Staffing and recruiting services company, Hi-Tech Company Software Solutions (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd. (Here after called as HTSS), protect and manage its user's personal information with the most care. All HTSS employees strictly follow law and guidelines.

Purpose and usage of collecting personal information

HTSS only uses personal information following specific purpose below in necessary format (including the use by Alliance Partners on the web site) by collecting personal information directly from users who have agreed or collecting by third party who is given the approval of provision.

Collected personal information is only used for the purpose of finding and searching job by Staffing or Recruiting services or other related services which HTSS provides and undertakes. Personal information will be disclosed any company or third parties (excluding HTSS alliance partners listed in web site) without the approval of user.

Responsibility of managing personal information

HTSS manages personal information with the most care taking the appropriate corporate and technical safety measures to prevent loss, defacing, and leakage through unauthorized access.


HTSS strictly follows Privacy Information Protection Law and any related guideline given. HTSS appoints Compliance Officer to run continuous improvement of compliance process.

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